About the Artist

“At my touch the wild
braid of creation

- “The Snakes of September” by Stanley Kunitz

What is it that makes spending time in nature so compelling? All my life, nature has been my teacher in everything I cherish. From the shores of the Potomac River in Virginia at my grandfather’s cottage, to my days living alone in the wilderness on Shuyak Island in Alaska, it is the natural world that has connected me to the universe.

I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO and spend much of my time on mountain trails hiking, and along the winding rivers fishing for trout. I also enjoy working with wood and painting, learning to embrace my inner creativity.

The humble pieces that I make and offer are simple expressions of the awe I feel when in nature. They are reminders for me as I engage in the business and grind of the day to stay connected to the natural world around me. I hope they can help do the same for you.

- John Heritage
Tuesday Oct 5 2021